How about using embroidery as art?


One of our new projects was to create a design which Incorporated some multi-media and make a wall hanging.  The stock design used for this project is entitled "The Passion of Christ" and is from Balboa Threadworks. The project started with two layers of material, with the top layer being a smoke color see through fabric.  After the embroidery was complete, pieces of cotton and lint were placed under the smoke fabric to create the clouds above the embroidery.   


Wear Something Special...Designed Just For You


We can help you with an idea you want to make a reality.  We have taken Stock Designs and combined them into a work of wearable art.

Take a look at our use of Stock Designs from Balboa Threadworks combined with a natural color denim jacket to make an industry award winning design.



From EMB - Embroidery/Monogram Business magazine, June 2000 in the Contest Highlights section. Page 42



Natural Denim Jacket with Indian Design

Miller Embroidery

This idea for this jacket originated months ago when Kenneth and Diana Miller Miller Embroidery, Raymore, MO, embroidered the Indian chief on a sweat shirt to be displayed at a local wholesaler's facility. "We thought it really needed to be on a jacket," says Diana Miller, "but we didn't want to tie up an investment in a jacket at the time." 

Instead the couple waited to find the perfect jacket, embroidered the chief, added ultra suede fringe and some beading, and intended to enter it in a fashion show. Unfortunately the fashion show was canceled at the last minute--just in time for the Millers to enter the EMB Honors.

"We knew that the ultra suede was washable, so we put it on the sleeves, but we weren't sure about the beads. We ended up attaching beads to quilting material that we stapled on to the jacket so they could be removed when the jacket needed to be washed." says Miller. The 200,000-stitch jacket required 27 color changes to complete.

An attendee at the show called the jacket "breathtaking." In addition to the embroidered chief on the jacket back and the feathers on the chest (stock designs from Balboa Threadworks), the waistband and the pockets have intricate beading. One unique part of the embellished jacket is that the beads are removable to help extend the life of the trim.